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1988 - 1995 3WsWoodworking and Warren E. Wyrostek, M.Ed., Madison, Florida
• Owned and operated custom woodturning, furniture, and antique restoration shop.
• Taught basic woodworking, woodturning, furniture joinery with hand and power tools, and small building construction.
• Closed the Shop and business due to family health demands.

1988 - 1995 Classroom Teacher, Madison County High School, Madison, Florida.
• Taught upper level sciences, carpentry, construction, and computer applications.
• District Teacher of the Year-1994; HS Teacher of the Year 1991 and 1993.

1982 - 1988 Carpenter, New York Hospital, N.Y.C. N.Y.
• Responsible for all aspects of institutional carpentry and cabinet work.
• Designed and installed Architectural woodwork.
• Interacted with Medical Personnel in OR, ICU and patient area renovations.
• Provided "Best Practices" and "Safety" Models and Training for Engineering Staff.
• Consultant on Industrial Safety and Hygiene
• Developed and implemented administrative, purchasing, distribution, and inventory control system for an inventory in excess of a quarter million dollars, in one shop serving a 1200 bed teaching hospital.
• Created one-off projects, and provided repair and restoration services for physicians and private clients on the Eastside of Manhattan.

1961 -1982 PT Commercial Appliance Mechanic, NY
• Repaired Commercial Laundry Equipment (Maytag, Speed Queen, Bendix, Whirlpool etc. ) for a number of companies including:

  • LaundryCraft-Bronx, NY
  • Metered Appliances, Queens, NY
  • Maytag Washer Service, Brooklyn, NY
  • Numerous private laundrymats in the surrounding areas.

Trade Education:

• Sotheby-Parke Bernet /Sotheby's Restoration- French Polishing, Antique Restoration- 1982, 83, 86
• A.C. Constantine's- Furniture Repair, finishing, caning, veneering, marquetry, carving, framing -1982-85
• Force Tool and Machinery- European Cabinet Construction, dovetail joinery, Windsor Chair making- 1984-85
• James L. Cox School of Woodworking- Extended Seminar in Woodturning- 1986
• Brookdale Community College- Furniture Design and Construction with Tage Frid- 1986
• Kirby Studios Society of Woodworkers- A School without Walls- 1986
• Rockland County Community College- Extended Seminar in Fine Craftsmanship with James Krenov and Extended Seminar in Advanced Router Techniques with Bob Rosendahl- 1987
• Hiram College-Conover School of Woodworking- A Week with Rude Osolnik- 1987
• Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts- A Week of Turning with Michael O'Donnell- 1989
• Highland Hardware- Basic Chip Carving with Wayne Barton- 1990
• New York Hospital- Architectural Carpentry and Cabinet Making with Ronald Cox- 1976-1988

Trade Honors:

• Scholarship from the American Association of Woodturners to Arrowmount
• Article published in 1987 in International Woodworking
• Several Articles published in "American Woodturner" in the 1990's

Trade Affiliations 1982-1995

• Woodworker's Association of North America
• Marquetry Society of America
• American Association of Woodturners
• Society of Wood Craftsmen
• Professional Picture Framer's Association
• Woodturner's Center
• National Woodcarver's Association
• Carpenter's Local 903
• American Vocational Association
• Florida Vocational Association
• National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators
• National Association of Trade and Industrial Educators

Trade Teaching Certification:

• N.Y.C. Public High School, Certificate to Teach Cabinet Making, TPD
• Madison County School Board, Florida, Certificate to Teach Construction -1994-1996

Published Trade Articles And Reviews:

  1. American Woodturner, June 1996, Book Review of “Make Money from Woodturning” by Ann and Bob Phillips
  2. American Woodturner, September 1995, Book Review of “Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys” by Alan and Gil Bridgewater.
  3. American Woodturner, June 1991, Book and Video Review of “Turning Projects” and “Turning Projects with Richard Raffan” both by Richard Raffan.
  4. American Woodturner, March 1991, Book Review of “Woodturning for Cabinetmakers” by Michael Dunbar.
  5. International Wookworking Magazine, Spring 1990, Book Review of “Folk Art Weather Vanes” by John Nelson.
  6. International Woodworking Magazine, Spring 1987, Letter to the Editor.
  7. American Woodturner, December 1989, Seminar Review of Arrowmount Schools of Arts and Crafts seminar with Michael O’Donnell.
  8. International Woodworking Magazine, Fall 1989, Book Review of “Country Classic” by John A. Nelson.
  9. International Woodworking Magazine, Fall 1991, Book Review of “Spielman’s Original Scroll Saw Patterns” by Patrick and Patricia Spielman.
  10. World of Wood, June 1991, Book Review of “Woodturning for Cabinetmakers” by Michael Dunbar.
  11. World of Wood, June 1991, Book Review of “Classics from The New Yankee Workshop” by Norm Abram.
  12. American Woodturner, March 1993, Video Review of “Turning Unusual Materials” and “Turned Boxes with Threaded Lids” by Bonnie Klein.
  13. American Woodturner, March 1993, Video Review of “Fun at the Lathe” and “Let’s Make a Bowl Lathe/Plus Mobile Bases” by John I. Timby
  14. Workshop News, September 1991,”Turner Invents Lathe chuck for Vessel work” Review of John Read’s invention.
  15. American Woodturner, September 1991, Video Review of “I Techniques and Projects” and “II Bowls and Projects” and “III Boxes and Other Projects” by Bonnie Klein.
  16. Vocational Educational Journal, American Vocation Association, October 1991, Book Review of “Apprenticeship for Adulthood” by Stephen F. Hamilton.
  17. American Woodturner Index Reference: book reviews, 6.1:28,6.2:24, 6.3:32, 8.2:20-21, 8.3:35, 10.3:46, 11.2:40, 11.4:48-50 video reviews, 8.1:36-37
  18. From 1988 to 1993 also reviewed the following titles for now defunct publications: “200 Original Shop Aids and Jigs for Woodworkers” by Rosario Capotosto; “Making Boxes, Baskets and Bowls” by Warren J. Asa; “The Craftsman Woodturner” by Peter Child.


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