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Published Texts

  • Career Changer's Checklist; Published-December 01, 2009 as an eBook; Pearson Education; ISBN-10: 0-7686-9652-6
    ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9652-3

Career Changer's Checklist - Comments

  • I have completed half of the book and it is really interesting and inspiring. I would like to highlight two great characteristics of your book.
    • It is very simple and short and you have covered all the points there.
    • You have demonstrated example from your real life which makes your points more powerful.
      • Thanks for sharing it with me.




Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2 - Comments

Table of Contents:

1. The Novell Certifications
2. Introduction to Networking, Network Administration, and NetWare 6.5
3. Installing and Configuring NetWare 6.5
4. Installing and Configuring the Novell Client
5. Introduction to eDirectory
6. Introduction to the NetWare 6.5 File System
7. Basic Management Tasks—eDirectory and File System
8. File System Security
9. eDirectory Security
10. NetWare 6.5 Network Security
11. NetWare 6.5 Printing
12. iFolder and Virtual Office
13. Practice Exam 1
14. Answer Key for Practice Exam 1
15. Practice Exam 2
16. Answer Key for Practice Exam 2

Book Dedication:

This is for my mom and dad. Dad I know you are with the Saints but your presence is surely felt. You both gave me the source of my faith, a deep respect for family, a desire to excel in education, the belief that hard work is a good thing, and above all a sense of humor. I love you both.
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen!

Sample Chapter :

A sample chapter of the Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2 is available for review on InformiT.com.

Exam Review from CertCities.com, by Emmett Dulaney, with Reference to this Exam Cram 2 title:

"For every certification exam, it seems as if there’s at least one expert book written that holds all the secrets to acing the test. In the case of this exam, there’s no question, in my mind, about which book that is: “Novell NetWare 6.5: CNA Exam Cram 2” by Warren Wyrostek."

Cited as the Book of the Week on CertCities.com on 9/12/07.

Reader Comments from Amazon.com:

1: I had the pleasure of having Warren as my Netware 6.5 instructor. He really knows what he's talking about and presents the information in a clear, concise manner. He doesn't present fluff, just what you need to know. I often refer to this book instead of my class materials to refresh my memory. I haven't taken my exam yet (intend to soon), but after having taken the class and having this book, I feel certain I'll pass on the first try.

2: June 3, 2005- I studied for about 3 ½ weeks using this book and the CD and passed the exam today on my first try. I don't have any Novell experience. The
CD has many quirks, like "two" instead of "2" GB for an answer, and several wrong answers. The CD is the weakest part of the package. The book has some minor errors: "in to" instead of into, in many places, and an obvious misplacement of information, off by a bullet. I wasn't able to find errata for the book. The weakest part of my exam was not being able to navigate through the utilities, iManager and Remote Manager for specific tasks, the book is a weak in that area but otherwise seemed to cover all of the material for the exam.

3: 8/05- Using this book I passed the exam an my first attempt after a couple of months study and with no previous experience of Netware. It is worth getting access to an instance of Netware to learn your way around the various tools since these come up in the exam. The author's website has an errata and a few other useful extras and is worth visiting. I concur with the previous comments that the CD could have run better. The practice exams in the book are more than sufficient however.

4: September 20, 2005- Before taking this exam I had gone thru the 2000 some odd pages of the Novell 6.0 study guide for the CNA. Be careful in just using Novell's books. Supplement this information with Mr. Wyrostek's book, quite a few things are different on the 6.5 then the 6.0. You are going to need this book for the exam.

As to structure please pay careful attention to all notes and alerts the author provides, think of them as explanation points!!! and then think of them as explanation points!! and then think of them as explanation points again!!! When the author suggests that you carry out the functions of the application services (iManager, Virtual Office, iFolder etc. ) actually do it, these were no joke. Do everything you can to setup and configure these services, memorize all of your file rights, file and directory attributes, object rights, and property rights. I wish you all the best of luck on the exam and I thank the author for publishing this book. PASS

P.S. Questions are paragraphs and there is no way you are going to do it in 20 or 30 mins no matter how many practice questions you can answer in under 5 seconds so go to the bathroom ahead of time :)

5: 10/05-Mr. Wyrostek's book is an excellent product. I studied it for 4 months and had been practicing in an actual NW 6.5 environment. The test was difficult, but I passed. I reccomend this book, but I would also recommend spending a lot of time practicing on NW 6.5. Make sure that you know a lot about iManager, iFolder, rights eDirectory and file rights.

6: 10/05-I bought this book 2 weeks before sitting my CNA 6.5. It's an excellent resource that covers all the exam objectives clearly and concisely. Each chapter ends with questions that you'd typically find on the exam. The end of the book also contains two complete practice exams that will prepare you for the real thing. After two weeks of study with this book and some hands on practice with Netware 6.5, I scored (736/800) on the test.

The exam simulator that comes with the book is very poor though. However, after being in touch with the author, this was beyond his control and not his fault. The questions in the book more than make up for this shortcoming.

The author has also setup an excellent website (...) that supplements the book.

If you are thinking of sitting the Novell CNA exam, this book is essential.

Reader Comments from E-mail:

1: For starters, I’d like to thank you for a more than helpful body of work, as it relates to your Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA | Exam Cram 2 Study Guide. I passed on my first attempt!


2: I took the exam again today and passed. I would like to thank you again for helping me out with the issues that I missed on the 1st exam.
There were still some questions that were very difficult. There were about 20 questions that were screen prints and you had to click on the correct area.

Thank you again.

3: I see Novell coming back especially in Europe. But what concerns me is Novell's lagging training efforts. Bookshelves at all the major book companies are void of any Novell books. The only reason why the CNA 6.5 has made it the door is because it is an Exam Cram2 publication.

4: I used your book to prepare for this exam and passed yesterday, which is pleasing for someone starting from zero knowledge two months ago. I found the book very helpful. The two exams at the back were especially useful in testing my readiness.

5:- 9/05- First of all thanks for writing your excellent book Exam Cram for Netware 6.5 CNA. I just passed the test today (736/800). Your two practice exams are excellent. Many of the questions that came up where similar or even the same as the ones in your book. I noticed that iManager tasks and iFolder weighed very heavily in the exam (about 7 questions). Perhaps you can share this on your web page.

6: -10/05-Some time ago I emailed you asking for more practice questions for the 050-686 CNA exam. I used your book for this exam and passed. The truth is that I barely passed even though I played with Novell NW 6.5 for the past 3 months.

The exam was not easy. Actually I encounterd many difficult and complex questions. Some of them were pretty long. A lot of questions were about iManager, its configuration, iPrint, iFolder, VO and many file and eDirectory rights questions.

Anyways, I believe your book is a good resource book in addition to actual experience with NW 6.5 server and Netware administration. I will surely reccomend your book to my friends, but I will underline they have to practice the real things in order to pass. I got 672 points... low, but passing grade.

I am disappointed that Novell tests are left behind. There are still many companies that use Novell, but there are very few goods book out here for Novell. I hope you will be working on a next, 6.5 series book for CNE.

Reader Comments from CramSession:

1: Passed with 709 (out of 800). Know the factual details (URL's, where things are on SYS, what tools do what functions etc). Used the Exam Cram book (Wyrostek) which covers everything you need to know and has plenty of practice questions.


Reader Comments from the Guestbook:

1: I am very interested in practice tests for the 050-686 test.
Excellant book and training guides. Kudos to you!

2: Just can't understand why there are so few good quality books, sites/training aids LIKE THIS ONE for NOVELL/NETWARE.

3: Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge. I look forward to coming back and referencing the material during my studies for certification.

4: I really like what you are doing with your website. It is actually pretty cool, and I wished that during my twelve years at Novell I would have found a way to help more people like you to do more website like this. I look forward to at some point signing up for your services.




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