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"Favorite Teacher..."-Madison County Carrier 11/07
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Dataflex article: How my career as a Technical Instructor was launched-09/1996
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Welcome to 3WsCertification.com

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Warren E. Wyrostek is the owner of Warren E. Wyrostek, M.Ed., M.Div., a Novell and Microsoft Partner, and 3WsCertification.com a portal dedicated to IT Training and Support. He is also the developer of the "Master of Integrated Networking" Certification, as reviewed in the August 2007 edition of Redmond Magazine and outlined on InformIT.com in March 2008.

Starting February 2010 Warren began working for McKesson, Corp. as a Technical Course Developer, the Lead Certification Specialist and Operations Manager for Assessments.

From October 2008 till February 2010,he was working for Avanade, Inc. out of Seattle, WA. Warren served in the capacity of Sr. Consultant, Systems Engineer, Technical Training Course Developer for Microsoft-based courses, and Avanade Assets. Warren successfully developed and delivered a Virtualization 360 Class using a Synchronous Virtual Instructor Led format which focused on all of Microsoft's Virtualization solutions including Hyper-V, App-V, Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and the VMM.This class was attended by engineers from Amsterdam to Seattle.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry/Pre-Medicine from Hunter College of CUNY, a Master's degree in Vocational-Technical/Trade Education from Valdosta State College, a Master’s in Divinity (M.Div.) from New York City's Union Theological Seminary, and is devoted to adult-technical/trade education as reflected by his list of 50 IT certifications. He has learned both his technical and trade skills from some of the finest in the world, and loves sharing the secrets that others have shared with him. Currently, as of 08/09, he is pursuing a Doctorate in Education at Valdosta State University.

He currently holds 25 Novell certifications including the Master CNI (Certified Novell Instructor), the Master CNE (Certified NetWare Engineer) and CDE (Certified Directory Engineer). He has been a Microsoft Trainer and MCSE since 1996 and edited several Windows XP and 2003 Server books for Sybex. Warren was a Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCDA from 2001 through 2004, and is a Certified Internet WebMaster Instructor (CIW CI) and Master CIW since 2000. He holds the A+, Net+, Security+, Linux+, CTT+, IT Project+ and Server+ certifications from CompTIA. Overall Warren has held over 50 IT vendor certifications.

Warren has been teaching over 25 years and has taught on the College and Secondary School levels. He has taught Novell and Microsoft authorized courses since 1996. Professionally, his main joy comes as a Freelance Writer, Course Developer, Contract Trainer, Certification Consultant, and Network Engineer for various technologies that revolve around real-world integrated networking using Microsoft, Novell, Linux and Cisco technologies. Warren loves to design and troubleshoot directory-enabled networks and his students regularly contact him for design and troubleshooting advice.

Warren has trained many of the CNEs who work for the State of Florida in Tallahassee, Florida. Outside of the classroom Warren has primarily supported Educational and Health Care Enterprise Networks. He is also the author of the Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2, published by Que Publishing. A sample chapter of the Exam Cram 2 is available for review on InformiT.com. He is also a contributing author to the VCP-VMware Certified Professional Exam Cram published by Que Publishing. His third book was published in December '09 as an eBook, titled The Career Changer's Checklist.

He has been the Technical Editor for over 30 certification titles in the last few years. At heart, he is a teacher who loves what technical education offers. Many of Warren’s certification articles can be found on InformiT.com, including “Now What? -A Career Changer’s Odyssey”.

The Top 10 Problems with IT Certification in 2008- was sited as the 8th Most Popular Article for 2008 on InformIT.com. 1/09

A very gracious story titled a "A Man of Change" by Dean Poling, describes the genesis of the Exam Cram 2 title. It was published in the Valdosta Daily Times, of Valdosta, Georgia, on October 15, 2005. The article was not posted on the Times' website, but I was given permission by the editor to post it here. The article that cites a major career accomplishment in Tallahassee, Florida, is reprinted here from the Tallahassee Democrat. In November 2007, the Madison County Carrier published an article- "Favorite Teacher..."-Madison County Carrier 11/07-highlighting some of my accomplishments in Education and Training. It was published in print, but was not archived on their website. I was given permission to share it with visitors. In December of 2007 Warren was a scholarship recipient from the International Biopharmaceutical Association for CDM Training toward the GCP and GDMP certifications from KRGI.org.

Before diving into IT as a career, Warren was a professional cabinet/furniture maker specializing in antique restorations and custom woodturnings. He is still an avid woodworker and craftsmen. He loves working wood and teaching others woodworking. He was published in many well known woodworking publications. You can view his woodworking background by clicking the Trade Resume link in the left frame.

You can view an outline of Warren's employment history here. You will note in this outline the following highlights:

  • He developed and managed the Department of Life Safety Services for Cornell University Medical College in NYC in the mid-70's, including the Safety Training Program. In this position the focus was on:
    • Division development,
    • Violation abatement focusing on OSHA, NYFD and NYS issued violations
    • Improving the HVAC outcomes for one newly constructed building whose laboratory hoods were not up to code.
    • Chemical and Fire Safety with a focus on NFPA standards
    • Establishing a model Training Program in Fire, Chemical, Biohazard, and Life Safety Matters.
  • He was a member of the Engineering Department of New York Hospital in the early 80's. Here his primary focus was projects in Operating Rooms, ICUs, and JCAOH compliance. Additionally, he helped to develop an Inventory Control System for one division of this Department.
  • Apart from teaching these are two of his favorite positions because of the work environments- great people with a philosophy institution-wide that focused on the patient and the students. That has never left him.

Some of Warren's references and recommendations can be viewed through his profile on LinkedIN. Click Here to view the public profile. To view the references request a Link to Warren.

Avocationally, Warren's ultimate career goal based on call is/was to work full-time as a Hospital Chaplain with a special focus on the terminally ill, hospice care and geriatrics. This has not changed over the years. Life and history have not enabled Warren to fulfill that goal yet, so he continues his work in IT. (Primoris crux crucis tunc resurrection!)

Philosophically, his family comes before any professional interests.

For relaxation his 100 lb lab- Blondie- loves shagging wayward golf shots. In 2008, a friend reintroduced him to a sport he was an avid participant in inthe 70's- Bowling. Thanks to the gracious reception he has received at Jac's Lanes in Valdosta, Ga. and Country Farm Pro Shop by John and Sandy Keeler, he has started getting the kinks out and bowling again on a regular basis. It is a great stress reliever and way to socialize. He highly recommends folks in the area to visit Jac's Lanes and Country Farm Pro Shop. Here is a short video of making the 4-7-10 split at Jac's Lanes. (And I was happy.)

Above all else Warren loves to laugh.

In terms of education he advocates excellence over mediocrity and working in a profession that he loves where he can earn a living. He encourages his students to find something they love where they can earn what they need to live the life they want.

When asked the question: "Why can't we have the academic outcomes in education that we had back in the 1960's and 1970's", Warren's response is clear- We do not have the outcomes of those era's because we are not using the models we used back then. In those times, we used a Scholar Academic Model blended with the Social Efficiency Model. Now we are are more focused on a Learner Centric Model. The outcomes will not be and cannot be the same. If we want the outcomes of an era where Scholar Academic was the norm then we need our teachers to be trained as Scholar Academics so that they will teach under that umbrella. The result- The students will work harder and EXCEL. Hard work is NOT A BAD THING.

Teaching for Warren is an interaction and collaboration involving someone who wants to share something s/he knows with someone who wants to learn that same skill or concept. It matters not whether he is teaching academics, trade or IT people or folks in the church. His classes are relaxed and full of alot of real world stories.

Though a native New Yorker, born in Queens and raised in Brooklyn and Queens NY, Warren has resided in North Florida for the last 22 years which has been the geographic base for the Training and Support operations. He is currently selling his home and relocating farther north as he entertains the notion of pursuing his ultimate career goal, and expanding his offerings. If you know of someone who is looking to move to a very peaceful and reasonably priced environment in North Florida feel free to contact him.

For those interested in employing Warren-full time, part time or on a contract basis, a full confidential resume is available upon request, by contacting 3WsCertification.com. A full resume is not posted on this site.







Words I Live By:

Primoris crux crucis tunc resurrection!

"First the Cross, then the Resurrection!"

Honor Your Father and Mother that it May Be Well With You and that You May Live Long On the Earth.

And to quote the patriarch in the last scene of the movie "Moonstruck"- A La Familia

Peregrinatio est tacere!

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