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Valdosta Daily Times Article-10/15/05

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"A Man of Change"
"Author is the latest career choice for teacher"
by Dean Poling
The Valdosta Daily Times

Anyone who knew Warren E. Wyrostek's opinions on computers several years ago would likely be stunned to discover the technical savvy behind his best-selling book, "Exam Cram 2: Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA".

"I hated computers as far back as the '80s," Wyrostek says. "No one could explain them."

So how did a guy whose first encounter with computers left him so disgusted and confused that he vowed to stick with a typewriter forever become the author of a book that details how to become certified in a computer system? How did Wyrostek, who did use a typewriter for a long time after the world transferred to computers, become a man with 25 Novell certifications, including CNI, MCNE and CDE, and the owner of his own Novell partnership and 3WsCertification.com?

The answers become clear as Wyrostek recounts his biography and his early encounters with computer systems.

Far from being an anti-tech Luddite, Wyrostek is something of a Renaissance man. He is more likely to refer to his diverse interests, studies and work as "a career changer's odyssey." The son of Ernie and Marion Wyrostek, Warren grew up in a supportive family that encouraged his many interests. In the dedication of his book, Wyrostek writes of his parents, "You both gave me the source of my faith, a deep respect for family, a desire to excel in education, the belief that hard work is a good thing, and above all a sense of humor."

As a young man, he earned a Master of Divinity degree from New York¹s Union Theological Seminary. He studied and worked in the medical and health fields. He became a teacher. Fourteen years ago, he moved to North Florida, accepting a position as a woodworking teacher. He also teaches physics and chemistry. He attended Valdosta State and earned a master's degree in vocational-technical education.

"I have a real passion for teaching especially in adult education," says Wyrostek, a Pinetta resident.

Within his passion for education came the experience that initiated his original hate for computers. He wanted to use a project as an opportunity to learn how to use a computer. A supposed computer expert could not explain Doss programming during a four-hour session, leading Wyrostek to abandon computer technology. This experience would affect him for years and shape him even later. Watching the trials and tribulations of doctoral students making the transfer to computers in the 1980s confirmed that sticking with his typewriter had been the right decision.

It wouldn't be until the early 1990s that Wyrostek re-entered the world of computer technology. His school system wanted him to become computer savvy to operate its new Novell system. Wyrostek's initial reluctance to attend the class transformed to revelation within the first hour of the course.

"In that first hour, I knew where my career was going," he says.

Wyrostek attended more classes and earned numerous certifications. As a teacher, it only seemed natural that he wed his lifelong passion for education with his new passion for computer technology. He always remembered how his first experience with computers nearly kept him away from them forever. He wanted to teach systems in a way that fostered understanding and comprehension rather than confusion and frustration. He has been teaching Novell authorized courses since 1996.

With the new book, Wyrostek adds author to his list of credentials. The book hit No.1 on Amazaon.com lists of Novell/tech volumes. In the past few years, he edited numerous technical volumes. He wrote an article about a "career changer's odyssey," which explained why he has always been a student of life and an explorer of new career possibilities.

"You have to be able to adapt in today's job market," he says. "If you're stuck doing only X, Y and Z, you're going to be sweating it out." Working with Novell, he proposed a certification book and was published as part of the "Exam Cram" series. Wyrostek is currently shopping proposals for other computer-tech books. If a publisher signs onto a proposal, Wyrostek will then write the book. Computer technology changes so quickly that if he wrote the book first and then shopped it, the technology may change before the volume reached the press.

Like Warren Wyrostek's interests, technology is always adapting.

Warren E. Wyrostek's "Exam Cram 2: Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA" is avalable through his web site (3WsCertification.com) or through Amazon.com He may be reached by email: wyrostekw@msn.com
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