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"A Man of Change" -Valdosta Daily Times

Seminary and Post-Seminary Experience

Seminary Education

  • M.Div. Theology/Counseling- Union Theological Seminary-1981
  • Clinical Training: Trained in Active Listening and Case Study Development by means of Verbatim.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education-CPE-Conducted at Health Care Chaplaincy, NYC, NY at the following centers:
    • Lenox Hill Hospital-Chaplain to Geriatrics
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center-Chaplain to Terminal Patients with focus on Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and Surgical Unit Patients
    • New York Hospital-Chaplain to General Medicine Patients
  • Pastoral Internship focus on Care and Counseling of Sick and Shut-ins and those in Nursing Facilities
  • 1982: One year Internship conducted at St. Jacobus Lutheran, Atonement Lutheran, Grace Lutheran Churches in Queens NY. Focus on Worship, and ministry to sick and shut-ins and those in area nursing homes. Additional ministerial focus was on Youth Ministries at 6 local parishes. Played Lead Guitar in Queens Lutheran School Production of "GodSpell."
  • Primay interests throughout seminary were Hospital Chaplaincy and Geriatric care.
  • Ecclesiastical Certification: 1983: Certified for Call and Ordination with Association Evangelical Lutheran Churches (AELC).
  • 1989: Presented myself before the Candidacy Committee of ELCA-SE Regional Synod (assuming I was to be grandfathered in as promised) and I was not accepted. Because the church was in political flux, I did not receive a call and was placed in Ecclesiastical Limbo where I have remained.
  • My call was and is to Hospital Chaplaincy and Geriatric Care/Hospice ministries. My ultimate career goal based on my call is to work full-time as a Hospital Chaplain with a special focus on the terminally ill, hospice and/or geriatric care.
  • While in Seminary and post-Seminary 1982-1994, designed, developed and delivered numerous courses for laity interested in doing hospital visitation.
  • Composed and performed concerts at regional churches and schools with an emphasis on Christian Folk Music.
  • Performed the duties of both a Supply Pastor and Interim Pastor at Atonement Lutheran Church in Jackson Heights, NY during my Internship and worked as a Supply Preacher at dozens of churches in Metro NY from 1980-1988. Worked as Lay Assistant to the Pastor at two churches in Valdosta, Ga., from 1988-1994. (For Details see below.)
  • 1978-2008 Served as Primary Caretaker for my parents interfacing with healthcare workers, hospice , clergy and support people etc..up to the times of their passing.

Current Titles that I am Promoting/Writing

  • The Role of Change
    • Our lives are predicated on change but in order to be able to predict an outcome we need to have a Constant, a Reference, a North Star. It is the Constant that gives us stability, insight, and direction during change. The Constant is someone, something, some idea, or ideal that does not change. Our ability to predict an outcome during change is based on the Constant that we reference off of.
  • A Career Changer's Checklist
    • Will be published in 2008 in 13 installments on InformIT.com
    • In 2001 and 2004 I had the opportunity to write two articles for InformIT.com that focused on Career Changer's in Information Technology. Since the response to those brief articles generated much discussion, I have played with the idea of expanding it to a short book or series of articles that would ask those faced with a career change, or for that matter looking for a job, a series of focused questions illustrated with examples from my own experience. The tone of this 100-150 page text (no more than 150 pages, i.e. a series of 12-14 articles each about 8-10 pages centered on a common theme) will be the same as it was in the two InformIT articles - conversational, and non-threatening.

      The intended audience is the whole working IT population who are having to struggle with the "how do I make a career change,” "what do I do for a career" questions. I will freely share from my own experiences and varied career options in the professional sector, teaching sector, IT sector, healthcare sector, and in the trades.

  • Called to Be a Son
    • A monograph where I examine the nature of call, what it means to be called as a son in this day and age, while looking at Jesus' call as Son.


Practical Training in Seminary

  1. 1979 Student Chaplain, Lenox Hill Hospital, N.Y.C., NY
  2. 1980 Student Chaplain doing CPE specializing in Terminal Care Support, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the New York Hospital


Supply/Assist Experiences Since "Certified for Call and Ordination by AELC"

  • 1983: Supplied at
    • Christ Lutheran - Woodside, NY - 6 Weeks
    • Grace Lutheran- Astoria, NY for Lenten Series - 6 Weeks
    • St. Jacobus, Woodside, NY - 2 Weeks
    • WAM Convocation- Performed Liturgical Assistant Role
    • Atonement Lutheran, Jackson Heights, NY- 3 Weeks
  • 1984: Supplied at
    • Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd- Long Island, NY- 3 Weeks
    • Trinity Lutheran- Bogota, NJ- 1 Week
    • Christ Lutheran- Woodside, NY- 8 weeks
    • Grace Lutheran- Astoria, NY (Lenten Series- 6 Weeks plus 2 Sundays)
    • Bethany Lutheran - Elmhurst, NY- 1 Week
    • All Saints Lutheran, Brookville, LI, NY- 1 week
  • 1985: Supplied at
    • Christ Lutheran- Woodside, NY- 5weeks
    • Grace Lutheran- Astoria, NY - 10 weeks
    • All Saints Lutheran, Brookville, LI, NY- 1 week
    • St. Matthews Lutheran Church for the Deaf-Woodside, NY- 2 weeks (These were done under very difficult circumstances. A week earlier, during Holy Week, the pastor suddenly passed away and the congregation was without a worship leader. )
  • 1986: Supplied at
    • Christ Lutheran-Woodside, NY- 1 Week
    • Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace, Cambria Heights- 1 week
  • 1987: Supplied at
    • Christ Lutheran-Woodside, NY- 2Weeks
  • 1988 (after moving to North Florida/South Georgia) Assisted and Supplied at:
    • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Valdosta, Ga- Regular Basis
  • 1989-1994: Supplied and Assisted at:
    • Messiah Lutheran Church, Valdosta, Ga.- Regular Basis


Call Interviews Conducted at:

  • Immanuel Lutheran, Delhi, NY- 1985
  • Good Samaritan Homes of Albany, NY and Delmar- 1984
  • Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace, Claremont New Hampshire-1987
  • Trinity Lutheran, West Hatfield, Massachusettes-1984
    • Not called between 1983 and 1988 because historically AELC was in limbo waiting for a forthcoming merger. Once the merger was successfully completed candidates were told that we would be grandfathered in and there would be more opportunities available for a call. That never happened. ELCA, at least in the SE Region, backed away from those promises, and folks like me were left with no alternatives. Hence, I did not get ordained.


Current Status:

  • As of 2007, still actively interested in Chaplaincy and Hospice/Geriatric care.
    • Exploring Endorsement for Chaplaincy
    • Exploring center for 3 additional quarters of CPE
    • Member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Valdosta, Ga.




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